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we are a company that is very serious about what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We realize there is a lot of information now available on the web, but as big as we are getting, we still pride ourselves on customer service with actual knowledgeable staff. We are all either chefs or sharpeners and know our products intimately, and our customer service is geared at making sure you get the right product for your needs.

Lastly, the word “Jende” is often pronounced incorrectly. We get lots of versions, especially Jen-dee, and for the Europeans, we get a lot of Yen-dee or Yen-duh. It is pronounced Jen-duh, which means “real” in Chinese. Incidentally, Jende also means “prostitute” in Persian, so that makes us “Real Prostitutes“, and as a result, we’ve made it a priority to hire only lawyers and politicians!

We understand your requirement and provide quality products
knife jende
Premium level Knives

We offer Premium level series like Master kuo & Maestro Wu knives .

jende emulsion
Strops & Emulsions

We also offer Premium and high quality Strops and Emulsions Products.

jigs jende
Sharpening System

Jende Industries Guided Sharpener - JIGS for short - is all your sharpening needs.

jende diamond films
Sharpening Stones

we offer high quality premium stones for sharpening professional knives.

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USA - 1900 E. GIrard Pl. #300 Englewood, CO 80133
TAIWAN - 410 Chung Shan 2nd Rd. 6F Kaohsiung City, 80242