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Cleaver Knife Sharpening and Repair – Maestro Wu D-11 Chinese Slicer

D-11 Cleaver sharpening and Repair

On a regular day, the Maestro Wu D-11 slicing cleaver is used to slice and chop veggies and bonelss meats . However, this Maestro Wu D-11 Chinese Slicer Cleaver experienced a devastating encounter with a buffing wheel traveling at about 82 miles per hour that literally ripped out a 1 inch long by 1/4 inch deep chasm along the blade. This was not the usual rat bite shaped wound caused by twisting the blade in a piece of frozen chicken!

Repairing this particular D11 required a little more than the usual belt sander, simply because we needed to remove about 6mm or 1/4″ of steel from the entire blade in order to get behind the ripped and fatigued area, and to expose the undamaged steel and recreate the original edge shape for the knife’s intended function.

As seen in the video of our repair and sharpening of the Maestro Wu D-11 Chinese Slicer Cleaver, our process was as follows: After marking the new line we wanted to create, we used a stone wheel grinder to quickly take down the remaining steel surrounding the damaged area. Once that was done, we used the 2×72 grinder with a 120 grit belt to even out any waviness alongs the new length of the blade, and to reestablish establish the basic blade curvature. Next, we used the 4×36 belt ginder to even out the curve shape along the entire edge by grinding vertically, then properly sharpened the blade using the usual angles of about 18-20 degrees per side. Once initially sharpened, we continued with an old 120 grit belt to smooth out the scratches and finished with the Trizact A30 and A16 belts. We finished with a quick series of buffs to bring the blade itself back to a consistent finish, and the final buff to finialize the edge. A classic Zoop-Zoop edge. Blow are the before and after pics.

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