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Jende JIGS for Knives Instructional Videos

Thanks to Ikea, we all know no one likes to read instruction manuals. So we’ve made a series of instructional videos for the Jende Industries Guided Sharpener, or JIGS for Knives to satisfy your social media consumption methods. The series of videos is designed to walk you through your initial build, preparing to sharpen, sharpening, and life hacks and troubleshooting.

The first video is a build video, and takes you through the first steps of opening your Jende JIGS for Knives through to getting ready to clamp a knife for sharpening. It also includes instructions for how to make the build with or without the optional Acrylic base. The second video in the series is a close up on attaching the clamps and adjusting them to different widths. The 3rd is clamping your typical knives styles – knives include a chef knife, a folding knife, a fixed blade, and a kukri. The 4th video is a quick guide on using the IP 65 rated angle cube and setting the angle for sharpening with the macro and micro adjusting capabilities of the Exacudrive. Next is soaking your water stones before use, and then various videos on sharpening different styles of knives. Be sure to check back periodically to see new videos and tricks. You can also find these videos on the Jende Industries website directly.

The Jende JIGS for Knives is all stainless steel, and is one of the only dishwasher safe guided sharpeners in the world. It also features several food grade certified parts, a waterproof IP65 rates angle cube, and space-age polymers to increase your sharpening experience. The best thing about the Jende JIGS for Knives has got to be the Exacudrive micro adjusting ability to really zero in on the precise angle every time, no matter what the knife or stone. No other system has such precision and repeatability.

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