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Master Kuo G Series Fish Knives & Fish Cleavers Intro

Master Kuo’s G series fish knives are available in 7 sizes: The G-3 Mini, G-3, G-4 Medium, G-5 Large, and the G-5 XL, 2XL, and 3XL. All are stainless steel clad with high carbon Japanese steel core steels and are between RC 60-61. You may be more familiar with Master Kuo’s knives than you think – he is known for making the original Green Destiny sword for the movie “Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger”.

As the size and weight chart below shows, there are some pretty small and VERY large knives in this series. The G-3 mini and G-3 small fish knives are great little butchering knives, and can be used for slicing and gutting small fish. The G-4 medium fish knife is an all-around size that can slice as do some lighter chopping and rolling through. The G-5 Large is where the fun begins. and along with the XL, 2XL and 3XL G-5 fish knives, they can be used in a cleaver like fashion and for really powering through the roll. Also, these largest knives are used for cutting heads off, as they start weighing in at over 2lbs!

Master Kuo’s G series knives are the one of the premium level knives series. These knives are built with high quality stainless steel and throws out the maximum performance in kitchen. These knives are also knows as Taiwan tuna knife.

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