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World’s First Second Ceramic Knife Head Shave – Jende Industries

We did it again! The world’s first SECOND ceramic knife head shave with a Kyocera petty ceramic knife! We did the world’s first ceramic knife head shave back in 2012, and we felt it was time to revisit it with updated diamond sharpening equipment from Jende Industries, most notably the Jende Industries Diamond Films and Jende Nanocloth Strops. We also used the Jende Industries Guided Sharpener, or JIGS for Knives to sharpen it to shave ready. You can see the sharpening video here.

We started off with a head shave, I realized as I lathered up my head, I had forgotten a mirror…So for the second time in my life, I was shaving my head, only this time was totally blind. In all honesty, between each latering I did run to the bathroom and check my progress in the mirror. The bonus is a face shave right afterward, again with no mirror. But that shave was much easier, and I found myself actually chasing a quality BBS shave, taking multiple passes in order to achieve what is my normal resulting shave with a conventional straight or DE razor.

Kyocera Ceramic Knife Head Shave with Cella Shave Cream, and Pinaud Clubman Aftershave Lotion

There’s always been a lot of controversy around ceramic knives in the past, mostly because there were only limited materials that would sharpen the blades – Diamonds. Most retail based diamond sharpening products were too coarse or rough to really create a factory edge or better. We proved in 2012 that not only could you sharpen ceramic knives, but that we had the diamond films that could sharpen that knife to shave ready levels. Fast forward to 2020 where we used our Jende Diamond films alongside our Jende nanocloth strops and Poly diamond stropping emulsions, and we have not only recreated that edge, but we did so with much greater ease thanks to the latest in sharpening technology now available.

Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions for Knife Stropping

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